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The Masonic Map

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The Masonic Map Wins an Award in The Accolade Competition


The Story of the Masonic Map

Long ago, the Freemasons unearthed the Ark of the Covenant beneath Solomon's Temple and in 1502 carried the sacred relic across the Atlantic, to the New World. They entrusted its safety to the Ute Native Americans of what would eventually become Utah

Many sought the magical relic… outlaw Porter Rockwell came close to finding it. However he died before he could decipher its location from a mysterious Masonic map.

The power and lure of the Ark cannot be overstated. The CIA has begun killing Rockwell's descendants; trying to confiscate the map in the name of national security.

A group of Utah Valley University students are now forced into an unexpected world of conspiracies, legends and Masonic codes... as they follow the Masonic Map and discover the ultimate truth.

Did you find the Easter Egg? Are you ready to accept the burden of those who enter this restricted area? Then follow this link, "The Burden is now on you."